A wonderfully complex "simple" language. Saying it makes no sense is just about as easy as it is absurd.

I don't see Javascript as something lacking in any way, nor do I see it as something replaceable by Typescript or any other supersets or even languages. I think it's here to stay, and that's a good thing.

Regardless of the higher level tools(libraries, frameworks and so on) used in development, I think a developer who doesn't master the "art" of Javascript itself should never be called a Front-End developer or a Full-Stack developer.


Love it or hate it, it's probably the best option to style software.

I consider no Front-End or Full-Stack developer can go by without truly mastering CSS regardless of the tooling they chose, preprocessors, postprocessors, UI kits, UI frameworks and so on.

CSS is more potent than many people think, and if written in a clean fashion can lead to surprising results, like this zero javascript drawrer system that you're reading this on.


One of the simplest component-driven rendering libraries

What I like most about React is its simplicity & adaptability. Being just a library instead of a framework (and a really well documented one) it allows the architects more freedom when it comes to the inner workings of the app itself, like choosing from a plethora of state management libraries or even design patterns.


A long standing passion of mine is knowledge sharing, including coaching, training and holding talks.

Some of my finest accomplishments since graduating the Euroavia Trainers course included guiding interns through the Front-End curricula for 3-week long programmes(2017 & 2018) and coaching friends or former colleagues in 1-on-1 sessions to get them ready to start looking for a job.

The way I teach revolves around what kind of professionals I'd like to work with as far as code quality and etiquette goes.


Paul Ghiran

Web Developer
Front-End Specialist